Object Node in activity diagram?

Hello everyone
i have recently learned activity diagram , and that’s my Home Work it’s about constructing an activity diagram for login and register in a website

I am not sure about the way i used object node !? , also i want to know the difference between object node and object flow ?


thanks in advance :slight_smile:

My understanding of object nodes in activity diagrams is that they represent an instantiation of an object that the flow refers to. In your diagram, you have object nodes for E-mail, FirstName, LastName, and Password – do you have classes for each of these? To me, it would make more sense to have a User class with these attributes. That way, your Enter Register Data and Enter Login Data activities will refer to a single User instance.

The flow would look something like this:
Enter Register Data -> User -> Check Availability
Enter Login Data -> User -> Check Data

If you really want to refer to multiple object instances simultaneously, I suppose using fork nodes is fine. Currently, your diagram’s flow abruptly stocks are your object nodes, which, to me, makes it a bit difficult to follow.