Odd right click behavior

Often, when right clicking in a diagram to invoke the context menu, the diagram “shifts” a small amount before the menu appears. The direction of the shift varies. In any case, the highlighted element may end up being different than the one I intended to click on.

Sometimes it doesn’t happen. I think it only happens when the entire diagram does not fit into the view window. Every diagram type I’ve tested has this behavior.

The same happens in the Model Explorer as well. (Shifts up)

Are you using Mac and multi-touch gestures to trigger right-click?

Two fingers tap (Right-Click) and slide two fingers (Scroll) are easy to trigger together.
For details, you can see below page.

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I am. Perhaps that’s it. Although I’ve noticed the shift direction (up, down, left, right) varies.

I will try using a mouse and see what happens.


Confirmed that the behavior does not occur with a mouse. So it’s definitely connected to the trackpad - both the built in one on the MacBook as well as the Magic Trackpad.

Still, it’s curious that it doesn’t seem directly associated with some stray minute finger movement on the two finger tap. I say that because the scroll direction is consistent on a particular diagram but there can be a different shift direction on another diagram, which is also consistent. That and the fact that I don’t see this behavior in any other application (that I can remember).

Perhaps it’s the sensitivity of VP detecting things that other applications generally ignore.

In any case, it’s not a major thing by any means - just annoying.

In our study, Java already fixed your problem.
In order to upgrade Java, you need to reinstall Visual Paradigm.

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Great. Thank you.

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