On Maturity Analysis diagram, remove Stage score limitations

Scenario description:

I have a simple Maturity Analysis diagram, but instead of using it to model how maturity increases over time, I am using it to evaluate and compare some features between a few competing software vendors and its capabilities. This means I do not want the application to limit me when I score an “earlier” Stage (which in my case is just a software offering) higher than a later Stage (which, again, is just a different software offering). VP currently prevents me from doing this because it assumes later stages will always be more mature, in every factor, than earlier ones. In reality, even if I was using it to record maturity levels, it is incorrect to assume every Factor will increase in maturity over time.

I would prefer if I can just assign whatever score I want to each Stage for a given Factor without being limited in the way described above.

Hi Paulg,

I would like to let you know this restriction had been removed in 14.1 SP1. Please update your edition accordingly and you will find the stated feature should be working as expected. Thank you for your continued support of Visual Paradigm.