One project file or more for a project?

Is it more advantageous to have one vpp file for a single project or to have several vpp file? Would you distribute sub projects (bigger components) into several files?

I don’t know how big vpp file can be. It could make troubles when one is using a Revision control system that is not capable to store incremental diffs for the vpp files (is there any RCS that can do this? I guess not). With each little change a new file is stored within the RCS. So this could be one reason to split a project into several vp projects.

What can you recommend?


Hello Robert,

Actually we support reference models from other project file, which allows you to split the vpp into multiple sub-project. Details about this feature can be found at

Feel free to contact us again if you need any help.

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Thank you for the response.

I would like to know if you would recommend to use several VP projects. Does it bring more advantages or disadvantages? Since we use a RCS I think it would reduce the size of our repository (in future) if we would use more than one file. We have a vpp file that has a size already about 900kBytes. Each little change adds further 900kBytes (or more) to our RCS repository.

However, it seems that references to other projects are absolute (like c:\users\robsch\vpworkspace\test.vpp) what makes it difficult when the projects are in different directories on the developer machines (‘distributed’ by the RCS). See this topic: Path settings and different hosts.


Hi Robert,

Sorry for my late response. It’s better to model in a single project file as it’s easier to modify the elements. You can use Model to manage your elements, it acts like the modules.
When you use RSC, as there is no concurrent access, this can ensure your changes will not conflict with others’ - even have, you can resolve when it prompts.

About the repository size, if you use Subversion (SVN) or VP Teamwork Server, they can help reducing the repository size - SVN supports “deltification” and VP Teamwork Server supports Delta History for compact repository.
For more details about compact repository on VP Teamwork Server, please visit:

About the path of reference to external projects, we use relative path, so it should not have such problem.

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Lilian Wong