One question about Uml concept

Hello guys i have one question about uml concept not know how to draw it, hope can help me, thanks a lot

Take the case of a bank that is interested in a software system to monitor mortgage loan
requests and the granting of the loans. The requested bank loans are identified by a code. The
system will also register the requested amount and the number of years to pay it back. A loan is
requested by one or more people. The people are identified by their name and their address and
their age will have to be stored as well. All the loans have a first holder (only one). The first
holder of a loan must be one of the people who have requested it.

For example, Joan (address València Street, 25 years) and Maria (Prat Street, 24 years) have requested
the loan with the code 111 (to the value of 30000, to pay back in 15 years). Maria is the first holder of
this loan. Carme (Balmes Street, 27 years) has requested the loan 222 (50000, 20 years) and she is the
first holder.

The requested loans are assigned to one or more assessors (who are identified by their name, as
the rest of people, and whose address and age is also known) in order to get them to study the
loans. An assessor cannot request loans in that bank. After some time, the assessors send the
reports of the loans that have been assigned to them. Sometimes, an assessor doesn’t send some
of the assigned reports. When a report is received, it states if the assessor advises the granting
of the loan or not. If that is the case, it indicates the interest rate to which the loan should be
made; and, if that is not the case, the reason that justifies why the loan should not be granted is

For example, the loan 111 has been assigned to the assessors Jordi, Anna and Roser. Jordi and Roser
consider the loan has to be granted with an interest of 5.5% and 6%, respectively, and Anna doesn’t send
the report. On the other hand, the loan 222 is sent to the assessors Pol and Anna who both send a negative
report (saying both that an excessive amount of money has been requested).

On a certain date, the bank decides, from the reports of the assessors, if the requested loan will
be granted or not. The same interest rate as the interest average proposed by the assessors who
have issued a positive report will be assigned to the granted loans. For the refused loans, it will
be necessary to register the reason why the bank has decided not to grant them. A loan will not
be granted if it has been provided, at least, with two negative reports. The date when the
evaluation of the loan has been made must be stored as well. For the granted loans, the system
must register the number of the account from which the money has to be taken out (just one per
loan). Additionally, the day of the month when the money will be transferred from the account
to the bank must be stored.

For example, the loan 111 has been granted on April 5, 2009 with an interest of 5.75%. This loan will be
paid from the account 567, on the 4th day of every month. The loan 222 has been refused on April 7,
2009 and the reason is that only a person requested it.

You should specify the Conceptual Model of Data corresponding to this system using the UML
notation. You should express graphically as many constraints as possible. The rest of
constraints and derivation rules should be expressed textually. You should give the instances
corresponding to the example described above. If you need additional information, make your
own assumptions and indicate them clearly.

how to draw the uml to describe this problem?

This looks like a homework problem and it is obvious that you have several questions.

What questions do you have specifically? If it’s, “how do I start?” then I suggest asking your class instructors or fellow students.