Operations not inherited

When building communication diagrams, I am not able to access operations (from the message call interface) that should have been inherited, realized or instanciated by the class of an object if they are not explicity duplicated in the corresponding class diagram.

Is it something missing or am I working in a wrong way ?

Dear Albert,

You can refer to my reply to your message “Return value of call messages” to get the idea of how to assign operation to a message.



It seems that my description of what the problem is, was not clear.
When we assign an operation to a call message, a list of the available operations appears. But this list only contains operations that are explicitly present in the class (let’s say class A) of the destination object and does not contain operation that are defined in a parent class (i.e. a class that represents a generalization of class A) or an interface realized by the class A.

For example : let’s define a class Walking_Animal (which contains an operation ‘walk’) and generalizes a class Lion that contains an operation ‘roar’. In the list of operation a call message will be able so send to an object leo:Lion, ‘roar’ will be present but not ‘walk’ (though both should be).

Sorry for the very naive example, but I hope it will show more exactly the purpose of my initial question.