Optional comments in database code generation?


I’m having a bit of a problem synchronizing ERDs with MySQL servers running in strict mode. MySQL in strict mode issues errors when receiving table comments longer than 60 characters (255 for column comments).

When generating the database I receive the error “Too long comment for table ‘’”.

Is it possible to make inclusion of comments in the generation script optional? We’re not that interested in having comments on the db server side anyway as the database design is controlled through VP and its models, it’s more than enough having the comments in the diagrams.

Oh, I’m running vp_uml 6 professional.

Hello drougge,

Thanks for your suggestion. I have forwarded it to our development team. I will post again once there are any news.

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Any response from the dev team yet? I would really like to have my little request acknowledged even if they decide to reject it or focus on it later on.

Hello drougge,

Your request will be supported in the coming release, which will be available before the end of February.

Sorry for not posting the updated news.

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Hello drougge,

How are you? I am glad to inform you that Service Pack 1 is released. With Service Pack 1 you can set whether to generate comments in database or not.

To set:

  1. Select Tools > Options from the menu.
  2. Open the ORM page
  3. Check/Uncheck Export comment to database

To advance to the Service Pack 1, please run the product updater inside the bin folder of VP Suite installation folder.

Hope this helps. Enjoy.

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Works like a charm! Thanks, this will really help a lot.


I am glad to know that the new version helps. Feel free to contact us if there are any questions.