Oracle conection problems. Any hint please?

Hi, im working in a company very interested to apply UML and modelling to their software desing process. Currently we sell a software that uses Oracle 9 databases. The main goal is to produce DER diagrams directly from the database. Because of that i download this software.

I have several problems trying to connect VP to the Oracle database in order to do the reverse engineering process.

Im using a client computer, conected to the oracle server using my LAN.

The client computer:
Windows xp
Oracle client adminsitrator

The server
Windows server 2003
Oracle 9

I donwload and install in my client computer the jdk 1.4, also download all the JDBC drivers available in:

and no one conects to the database. VP is giving to me this error:

java.sql.SQLException: Excepci├│n de E/S: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection
at oracle.jdbc.dbaccess.DBError.throwSqlException(
at oracle.jdbc.dbaccess.DBError.throwSqlException(
at oracle.jdbc.dbaccess.DBError.throwSqlException(
at oracle.jdbc.ttc7.TTC7Protocol.handleIOException(
at oracle.jdbc.ttc7.TTC7Protocol.logon(
at oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleConnection.(
at oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver.getConnectionInstance(
at oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver.connect(
at org.orm.ertodb.DriverWrapper.connect(
at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(Unknown Source)
at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(Unknown Source)
at v.imdy.i(:44)
at v.imdy.f(:53)

Any idea? i have to instal JDK 1.4 on the oracle server??

Hello ronaquin496,

Would you mind send me some screenshot about your database configuration inside VP to have a look?

Best regards,
Rain Wong