[Panther+Java 1.4.2] VP CE fails to launch


I downloaded the mac os file to install the Visual Paradigm CE. I installed it but when I try to launch the VP by clicking on the “VP CE Panther” icon, the program crashes :frowning:
Someone has got this problem ? What is the solution ?

Thank you,


I’ve the same problems, just filed a bug. You can’t even launch it
using the command line utility. The problem definitly is the new
JDK (1.4.2) from Apple…


Hi Christian and Lukas,

You can solve this problem by removing the “vp_windows” folder where you installed VP-UML CE. Then try double-clicking on the “VP CE Panther” icon.

Hope this helps.


Thanks a lot martyn :slight_smile: now I can launch and test Visual Paradigm UML.