Parameter Pass By Reference Doesn't Work for PHP

All when I create a class operation and set a parameter as inout (reference) when I generate the code for PHP it doesn’t add the “&” side to the variable. I tried generated the same code in C# and it works when it adds “ref” to the parameter.

Is there a work around for this? Thanks

I am very sorry about the problem you experienced.
Instant Generator’s PHP is now only support pass by value.
Your problem is forwarded to engineer team.
We will notify you when Instant Generator’s PHP is enhanced to support pass by reference.

Hi sharrondenice,

I would like to let you know the missing “&” indicator in the parameter in the PHP code problem has been fixed. Please update the software to latest patch build (sp1_20170815bh or later) to get the problem fixed. Details about update to latest patch can be found at

Please make sure you have pressed the “Update to latest patch” button on the left hand side of the dialog right after launching the update program

Feel free to contact me if you require any further information.

Best regards,
Rain Wong

Thank you!!! :blush: I had a script that ran after it was generated to fix little PHP issues like these but I’m so happy it’s resolved.