PDF Creator vs MS PDF printer driver print as pdf

I have a 400+ table ERD that I tried to print as a pdf using Microsoft MS PDF Printer driver.
It was seeming to fail as my brand new 16GB Ram i7 11th gen CPU was sitting for 5+ minutes trying to print the darn thing. I killed VP a few times. Once I tried it over lunch and came back to a complete PDF created. It took over 90 mins. So A. MS PDF printer driver is slow.
B. The pdf I created was in landscape mode but when I clicked on the thing it opens in portrait mode at 90degree angle so I have to rotate.

Support investigated and confirmed and also suggested PDF Creator as the better printer driver solving all the issues.

Btw they also suggested creating separate diagrams to turn 400+ tables into separate subject areas to make it more manageable to review and understand. That works well.
I especially love that you can search for words in table names only so I can search for the word ‘order’ and find all order related tables and then ‘detail’ and find detail related tables and all of those order and detail tables are in separate window that I can then select and copy to a Order/Detail diagram. Perfect for giving a subject area view of a few dozen tables as opposed to 400+. So far VP is kicking a**

Hi DG1,

Thank you for your sharing. You may increase the memory allocation by following the article below. I hope this can solve the problem.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

cutepdf works well too - ms pdf driver is very limited for creating very scaleable pages