PDF report cann't see Big5 Fonts

I use Visual Paradigm for UML Professional Edition Version 2.1 (Build 20030520y).
I use PDF report, and choice Generate Content in Chinese Traditional.
It will be generate a PDF report document.
But I cann’t see any Big5 fonts, and they are space.

What can i do??

Hi joeyli

Can you tell me the detail information about the OS that you are using? Because report generation needs appropriate regional setting of the OS to work.

Best Regards,

Dear Rain :

My OS is Windows 2000 professional Traditional Chinese Version.

Microsoft Windows 2000 5.00.2195 Service Pack 4

I cann’t see the Big5 Font in PDF report document, But i can see the Big5 Font in HTML report document.

Hi joeyli

We have try it on a Windows 2000 Professional English version. We have successfully generate the PDF document when we set the default locale of the system to “Chinese (Taiwan)”. Maybe you can check the default locale of your system is correctly configured or not. You can check it at Control Panel -> Regional Options -> select the General tab -> Set default -> select “Chinese (Taiwan)” in Select System Default dialog.

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Dear joeyli,

I’ve use your project to generate a PDF document and use the same version of acrobat reader that you’re using to view the document. Before I install the Chinese Traditional Fonts, I got the same result as you describe. When acrobat reader start up and it detect your document contains Chinese Traditional Fonts, it will check for update, download and install it for you. After install the Chinese Traditional Fonts, everything works fine.

PS: a screen shot of your generated document is attached.

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send Authorization.pdf again

Dear Rain

Thank’s for your help!

I use Acrobat reader version 6.0.0 2003/5/19.

Authorization.vpp is my project, and Authorization.pdf is my PDF report.

Hi joeyli

Can you tell me what version of Acrobat reader that you are using? We have try to use a English version Acrobat reader 5 with Traditional Chinese Language Pack installed.

Can you send me your project and the generated PDF file? I’ve attached the sample project and the output PDF file to you. You can try to generate the document with our project.

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PS: At the same PDF document, I can see Chinese Traditional fonts at the Bookmarks in the PDF document left index area.

Hi Rain :

Yes, “Chinese (Taiwan)” is my os default setup.
I have successfully generate the PDF document, and can see English fonts, but cann’t see Chinese Traditional fonts at the same document.

Dear Regards:

Thank’s a lot!
I follow your step, and generation PDF report successful, too !!! (like picture)
But before this time, My acrobat reader didn’t check and update.

I don’t know why, but it’s work fine now!