PDF Reports Display Evaluation Watermark

Utilizing VUML Modeler v4.0 B200041118a on the Win32 platform.

Purchased and applied license on evaluation version without problem. Printing and Web publishing now all result in documents without evaluation watermark. However, PDF output STILL results in Modeler Evaluation watermarking.

Help please.


Dear Raymond

The PDF documentation generation is an evaluation features in the Modeler Edition. Only Standard & Professional Edition provides full support in this feature. For more details, please visit our feature list at http://www.visual-paradigm.com/vpumlFeatureComparison.php.

Best Regards,

I’m evaluating Visual Paradigm - Modeler Edition for recommended use at my company. The Modeler appeals to me because we have both Business Analyst and Programmer Analyst that will use the tool as part of their work. We’ve elected to not use any code generation features because we have our own standards and prefer to write code ourselves. I’m having a bit of confusion with generating reports. We’re unable to get the Use Case Descriptions to print. We want to use VP to as the documentation repository for our projects, instead of havng to maintain several different applications to record information that should be kept together, but we need to able to print any or all the documentation that we enter. I just entered several use cases and their descriptions, now I would like to print out the uses cases descriptions and present to others in the group for review.

Please help.


Hi Gerald,

Thank you for considering VP. If you are using the “Print” feature, then the use case description really will not be printed. The “Print” feature will only print the diagrams.

To output the use case description, you must generate the HTML document or output it as MS Word format with the Modeler feature which available in the latest 4.0 version.

If this can’t solve your problem, can you tell me more details on your problem? For example, which version you are currently using? The steps for you to generating the document, OS and language…

Thanks for your questions. Best Regards,