Physical data model, the fields that exist in each table, how to abstract, inherit, synchronize



For example, all my tables have the same CREATED_BY, LAST_MODIFIED_DATE_TIME, LAST_MODIFIED_BY, VERSION fields. When I modify the length of the CREATED_BY field, I think any of the following methods can be used.

  1. I hope that all tables will be updated synchronously
  2. Abstract base table, all table inheritance

How can I achieve this?


How to quickly update the same column name visual-paradigm


You could use Database Domains (Column Domains and Entity Domains). They do what you need (sort of).


Hi gemisigo, How do I click on Database Domains? I did not find the menu.


Because you don’t have any yet. Open Entity/Column Specification dialog, Dropdown Domain and select Configure Domains. See screenshots:

or here


or here

After that, it should be shown in the Model Explorer.


Thanks gemisigo.