Plain Text Format for Activity Specification Body Section


one question is it possible to update the behavior of the Activity Specification Body entry.
In the older Versions of Visual Paradigm the entry only contains plain text.
With the newer Versions of the Program it contains only HTML coded text.

I use a self develop plug in to generate VHDL Code. This plug in use the Activity Specification Body entry for storing direct VHDL code
to write to the generated file.
For me it is not clear why the entry only contains now HTML code.
Can it be updated that the representation of the string in the entry can be selected as HTML code or an plain text code like in the documentation entry.

Best regards,
Harald Ottacher

Hi Harald,

Thank you for your post and sorry for my late reply. As I know we have not been changing the behavior of that editor for quite a while. I just checked version 9.0 and confirmed that it behaves the same as the latest version. Let me check again with our engineers.

May I know the problem of the current editor regarding to your usage? You said you use a plug-in. Do you mean when you retrieve data from the Body property, some redundant text are included?

Best regards,
Jick Yeung