Please considere adding a "complexity" and a "risk" value to use-cases


Use-cases already have a “Rank” input value that is helpful to sort the use-cases by stakeholder’s priority. Adding a “Risk” and a “Complexity” value will give us two new very helpful keys to sort uses-case. “Risk” is often used as a secondary key to sort use-cases.

The “Complexity” factor would be very helpful to enable one (possibly VP-UML itself) to estimate the development effort based on the “Use Case Points Method” (Both Use-case and Actors must have a “Complexity” factor for the Use Case Points Method to work).

Added one link to the “Use Case Points” estimation method:

Also, please don’t forget to make those enumeration values (“Rank”, “Risk” and “Complexity”) configurable like the requirement enumeration values are (i.e. “Rank” is not configurable in the current version).