Please help! I'm new to UML and Use Case Diagrams

Hi Everyone. I’m new to UML and the forum and would be hugely grateful if you could help… I’m currently working on my final year project at university and mine involves developing an online survey tool that enables the administrator to create, edit and publish questionnaires to the front-end for user to participate in. The front-end user will be presented with a menu that will hold all of the surveys that they are authorised to particpate in. I more or less know what the system will consist of, but I don’t know how to put it into a Use Case Diagram properly. With time being tight, I would really appreciate it if you could take a quick look over it and please offer some feedback so that I can gauge if I’m on the rights tracks. Again, this will be a massive help and I thank you all in advance. Cheers.

use case diagram.JPG

Syntactically, the diagram looks okay. However, one thing that immediately popped out for me was the database being depicted as an actor. Depending on your software project, specifying it that way may or may not be correct. The question to ask is whether the database is built specifically for your software project. If so, you may consider specifying it as part of your system solution.

I recommend you take the time and perform an in-person walk-through of the model with someone unfamiliar with the software project. Doing so with others will allow you to discuss the project and unexplored scenarios where ideas are (hopefully) freely expressed. Furthermore, others will be able to catch ambiguous specifications that you thought were obvious. Since you are in an academic environment, I’m sure requesting a walk-through with fellow students and teachers is very accessible.

Thanks for the help d6chung. I’m not sure about the database, I’ll need to speak to my tutor about it. The application will be using a MySQL database if that makes any difference? Like you say, speaking to someone else about it will probably make it clearer as well so thanks for the advice and taking the time to reply. :thumbup: