Plugin issues


I am evaluating VPSuite1.1 (I also tried 2.0rc4). Because I was missing a feature for synchronizing sequence and collaboration (communication) diagrams, I decided to create a plugin. Unfortunately, plugin development is not documented well enough, yet. So, I collected a list of issues/quetions…

o) How is it with plugin support in VPSuite2.0rc4? I wasn’t able to find plugin management options in any menu. Have I missed it or is it not supported yet?
o) VPUMLPlugin interface and PluginEditor class are not a part of openapi.jar as I expected. Instead I found them in vpplatform.jar.
o) In PluginEditor implementation I wasn’t able to get access to Project instance. That made it imposible, to collect some information from the project already at the time when plugin editor dialog is displayed (e.g. I wanted to have a combo box displaying a list of all sequence/collaboration diagrams). As a workaround I created my own dialog that is displayed in execute() method of VPUMLPlugin.

Now the issues:
o) Lets say I have a DiagramUIModel instance of some sequence diagram. How do I collect all ModelElement-s (actors, lifelines, links, messages,…) contained by that diagram?
o) How do I create a new diagram (DiagramUIModel) and new elements (actors, lifelines, …) of the diagram (ModelElement-s)?
o) I could really use some more detailed API documentation and documentation of all the properties (with their literal names) supported by a particular ModelElement type. I noticed in some previous topic, that you are preparing more detailed documentation for plugin development. Can you tell approximately when can it be expected to be made public?

btw: When is the final version of VPSuite 2.0 planned to be released?

Dear anzez,

Thank you for your post. The synchronization between sequence diagram and communication diagram still here, you can select To Communication Diagram or To Sequence Diagram to synchronize the diagram in the diagram’s popup menu. A more handy way is to use the mouse gestures. In the sequence diagram, pressing the right mouse button and drag a horizontal line towards right will synchronize to the communication diagram. And do it in opposite way in the communication diagram for synchronize to sequence diagram.

About the plug-in, actually we have some significant changes on the whole plug-in architecture which gives user more flexibility and control on the project and the whole working environment. The documentation for the new plug-in is not yet ready, but I can send you the beta version including the full set of JavaDoc (only showing the classes and methods only, no explanation yet). Please check your private mail box for the documentations.

When will it release? I can say its real soon!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

Best regards,