Plugin Support

I just want to confirm that the plugin extensibility is supported in Visual Paradigm’s BP Module as it is in the UML module. I assume so since the application is built on Eclipse.

Second, can you tell me which version of Eclipse the Visual Paradigm 2.1 product is built on? I ask so can I know which Eclipse API rev to look into.


Hi errant01,

First, let me clarify what you mean by “plugin extensibility” here. Do you mean the integration between VP and Eclipse (e.g. by SDE-EC) or the plugin written by user for accessing VP’s API?

For the integration with Eclipse, here are the available ‘channels’:

  • Seamless integration
  • SDE for Eclipse
  • DBVA for Eclipse
  • Separate windows (processes)
  • VP-UML Eclipse integration
  • DBVA Eclipse integration

BP-VA cannot be integrated with Eclipse.

If you mean writing plugin to access VP’s API (e.g. add a button in VP’s application environment), it is true that BP-VA is supported, too.

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There are a few different levels of plugin support for which I’m evaluating BPVA. My assumption has been that it is possible to add functionality to the BPVA environment in a similar manner to writing eclipse plugins, and with access to the BP object model and functions.

The first level is adding a top level menu that calls code written as a plugin. Basically handling specific save routines that BPVA does not support.

The second is adding a perspective or view that is a palette or catalog of more specialized objects to their Business Processes. Think of it as a process catalog of objects they’ve added before, so they can reuse tasks, gateways, artifacts, etc. Effectively it would be like dragging in and dropping a normal BPVA object that is pre-filled in with information.

Please tell me if these are supported, and if not completely to what level they are. After reading your site, it appears that these things should be possible, so I am glad that I asked now that you’ve said they may not be.

Thank you.

Hi errant01,

BP-VA supports plugin. You can write plugin to access our API, or to add menus, toolbar and popup menu buttons. For more information about our plugins support, please read:

Basically handling specific save routines that BPVA does not support.

Would you mind describing more about this point? Thank you.

You can also find some samples from there.

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Well, unfortunately BPVA does not support xml file naming during an export, which is a necessity. I also may want to launch an external process associated with the export action. Ultimately it would be nice to use another menu to call this routine that is external to BPVA.

Hi errant01,

Why do you need a specific filename for the XML file? I am asking our developers if we can support your need.

You may add menu/toolbar button/popup menu, and invoke your own process. For details, please read “Chapter 2 - Implementing Plugin” of the User’s Guide. URL:

Look forward to hearing from you.

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I think the way the xml export dialog should work is that it allows you to pick the path, then defaults to the same name as the highest level element selected for export. Then, it should allow you to change the name if you want before the file is exported.

The feature I’m looking for is to be able to name the file anything.

Hi errant01,

Thank you for your reply. But what is the problem for naming the file as project.xml? Actually this feature is not just for exporting the XML file but also the images. Therefore, we allow user to select a folder to hold all the exported files.

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I can see why you do it that way given the diagrams. I can work with it as it is.

Thanks for understanding! :smiley: :smiley: