Plugin to convert BPMN to PetriNet

Hello everyone.
I am working on a plugin to convert BPMN in PetriNet, for that I have 3 libraries BPMN, PETRINET and BPMNconvert but when I add the plugin in VP the part where I use the libraries does not work. I have tried several ways and it does not work for me. take a look at the .

<library path="/home/ronal/Escritorio/lib/ProM-Models.jar" relativePath="true"/>
<library path="/home/ronal/Escritorio/lib/BPMN.jar" relativePath="true"/>

Hi, I haven’t try to use the library you mentioned,
but just find, seems it does not support java8 or later:

Do you think so?
If not, may you send us your vp.log for checking?

Sorry, your plugin.xml has a problem that, those <library path=...> is absolute path. But you specified relativePath="true".
Please change to relativePath="false" and try again first. Thanks :wink: