Points noted while installing Floating License Server


I have just installed the “Floating License Server”, based on Floating_License_Server_Linux_NoInstall_2_3_20070801.tar.gz on a Linux RH ES 4 system. The following points were noted:

====== 1 =======

The JRE delivered with the tarball may not be complete.
Running TestAdminEmail.sh, i.e.

…/jre/bin/java -cp “…/lib/licenseserver.jar:…/lib/smtp.jar:…/lib/activation.jar:…/lib/mailapi.jar:” LicenseServer adminemail &

results in a JRE error indicating that some things may be missing:

java/lang/NoClassDefFoundError: java/lang/Object

When I use another JRE (installed on the system earlier), things work.

====== 2 =======

TestAdminEmail.sh takes a long time (10s) to finish. Normal?

====== 3 =======

vpLicenseServerConfig.xml has more options than described in the “Visual Paradigm License Server User’s Guide”. A slight update of the documentation is needed.

====== 4 =======

A possible extension of the server would be a parameter to tell it to bind to a single IP address of the machine instead of the default “any”. This is useful if the machine has several IP addresses.

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– David

Hi David,

Thank you for your post. I will talk to our engineers about your feedback.

Best regards,

Hi David,

With regards to your suggestions…

  1. We have found that the JRE need to be unpacked before use, and running config will unpack it. TestAdminEmail.sh should run after running config, so it should work.

  2. Sorry but I regret to say that we cannot repeat the problem. Do you have any more information for us to reproduce this problem?

  3. What are the options that you are talking about? All the required settings can be configured via the UI, and we do not suggest user to edit the XML directly.

  4. This is a good suggestion. We will consider supporting it.

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