Poor performance when Layers popup becomes visible

When “Diagram Layer” popup is visible, objects are moving sluggishly.
Closing Layer window resolve problem.

Any idea?

Build 20210201

Hi Robert5,

Thank you for your inquiry and sorry for the inconvenience caused by the problem reported. May I collect your log file for checking? You can export it from the About window of Visual Paradigm (Help > About). Please upload the exported file to:

Password: fd90dfb09asf

Note: Only Visual Paradigm support team will have access to the uploaded file.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

Jick, … but the password… it’s shared in plain text :confused:
I’m not sure how it works?

Thank you for your reply. Could you save the log content to a file, and then upload that file to the URL I provided above? When you visit the URL above, you should see a password field. By copying the password above and hitting Enter, you will be brought to the upload page.