Possible bug in com.vp.plugin.diagram.IDiagramListener


We are using Agilian to document our business processes in BPMN.

Currently I’m writing a plugin that allows us to export different information out of an IDiagramUIModel to .csv - Mostly documentation but also different element counts etc.

This works pretty well by getting the diagram iterator using ApplicationManager.instance().getProjetManager().getProject().diagramIterator() and then proceeding with objects of the IDiagramUIModel type.

Now I would like to perform certain actions when a IDiagramUIModel is opened by the user - e.g. when user opens a BPMN diagram I would like to check for nickname availabilty for the opened diagram. So I iterated through all my IDiagramUIModel in my project and added an implementation of com.vp.plugin.diagram.IDiagramListener to them using the .addDiagramListener( ) method.

My DiagramListener implementats - as requested by the interface - these methods:
void diagramElementAdded(IDiagramUIModel diagramUIModel, IDiagramElement diagramElement)
void diagramElementRemoved(IDiagramUIModel diagramUIModel, IDiagramElement diagramElement)
void diagramUIModelLoaded(IDiagramUIModel diagramUIModel)
void diagramUIModelPropertyChanged(IDiagramUIModel diagramUIModel, java.lang.String propertyName, java.lang.Object oldValue, java.lang.Object newValue)
void diagramUIModelRenamed(IDiagramUIModel diagramUIModel)

My problem is that the diagramUIModelLoaded method is never invoked! The other methods behave like they should. diagramUIModelLoaded should according to the documentation “be Invoked when the diagram is opened”.

I ran my plugin in netbeans debug mode as well in “release” mode (normally started with agilian; plugin was correctly loaded and not crashing) on
-Agilian 3.3sp2 (Build sp2_20120202) running on Windows 7 6.1 / Java 1.6.0_20-b02
-Agilian 10.1 (Build 20131201) running on Mac OSX 10.9 / Java 1.6.0_65-b14-462-11M4609

I compiled my plugin with the 1.6.0 JDK.

Thanks for reading.

Kind regards