Possible to Disable the <<stereotype name>> display?

Is it possible to turn off the <> display in a use case diagram? I want to format system elements by their stereotype, but I don’t want the <> to be displayed.

At the moment we do not support hide out the stereotype name in diagram. It seems a bit strange that you want to specify the shapes to be specific type via stereotype, but don’t want to show the stereotype tag (since the tag is use to label the shape). Can you provide an example about your usage so that I can discuss with our engineers and see is it possible to support this? Look forward to hear from you.

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Sure. I have a diagram with multiple users and system components.

I’d like to style three different types of components, so that I can simply tag one as stereotype and have it get the formatting, e.g. color.

In my particular diagram, I have 10 system elements, with names like “eBay” and “Equifax” and when I use the stereotype, their display requires lots of extra space for the stereotype name, e.g., “<> eBay”. All I want in the box is the name “eBay”.

The benefit of the stereotype is that I can modify the formatting in one place and it gets applied to all of the elements of that type, and to format a new element to be like a current one, I just apply the stereotype. It GREATLY simplifies editing the diagram to be readable for use in slides and reports.

This usage pattern is similar to styles in Microsoft Word. The style/stereotype lets me coordinate formats. But it’s essentially useless for that if it also requires the <> to display.

For now, I’ll do it by hand. But I would appreciate this feature. I looked a long time to try to find out how to turn it off, but there didn’t seem to be a way to do it.

Thanks for clarifying that I was right.