PostMania emails not always received

I’m trying to understand under what conditions an email will/won’t be sent from the PostMania web client.

Today, a user shared a diagram (which had been previously committed to Teamwork Server) via URL immediately after creating the URL (but before doing a follow-up commit). The recipient immediately accessed the URL and posted a comment via the web interface. However, the creator of the URL didn’t receive an email from the server. After waiting 10 minutes or so, I suggested that the user commit their additional changes to Teamwork Server. Shortly afterwards, a second user accessed the same URL as the first person and made a comment. This time, the creator of the URL did receive an email from the server.

Please clarify what is going on here. Are we experiencing a race condition? Is it necessary to commit changes immediately after creating a URL for sharing?



The email will send after 3 minutes, and if you’re running VP client, it will show notification.
If you read the topic before receiving the email, the email will be cancelled.