PostMania Web Client (display message recipient)

We are using the PostMania feature to share diagrams by URL; however, when team members visit the URL, it isn’t obvious to whom the posted comments will be sent. Please display the user or email address that comments will be posted to directly on the web interface.

An extension of this idea would be to duplicate the interface from the desktop client into the web client. The desktop client automatically prefills the “To” field and allows the user to add other recipients from the project user list. This would be an awesome feature to have in the web client.


VP client only can login by project member, which has permission to create diagram, share diagram…etc.
PostMania web client is logged in by viewer to view diagrams shared by project member. Viewer has less permission, cannot specify whom to notify, and should not know which members followed the topic.

In my case, all the viewers are also project members, and I want them to be able to determine who the email is going to. All of our sharing is by URL, and all users authenticate with same credentials they use to connect to Teamwork via the desktop client (using directory service).