Predictably pinning connectors to shapes at green anchor points

I’m looking for help in getting the green dots for attaching connectors to appear.

I’m using VP to draw wiring diagrams, which may not be its primary purpose, but it is a fantastic tool for this. It’s hard to figure out some features though, since most of the support material is about functions I’m not using.

When I mouse over just about any shape in my diagram, I see a number of glowing green dots around the edge of the shape. I can drag these away to draw a connector. There are also usually 4 arrows on the shape which behave similarly. When I do this, the connector always exits the shape in the same direction, even if I move the shape so that the connector now has to make a turn to maintain that direction. This is desirable since it makes rearranging my diagram fast and predictable. When you’re making a wiring diagram from scratch you spend a lot of time rearranging it!

However, the green dots only appear right after I launch VP. When I first open my diagram, I see green dots on every single shape, but after a few minutes, they’ve mostly gone away. Even when they do appear for me to start drawing a connector, they never show up on other shapes for me to attach the “other end”. Instead my connectors end up pinned to the perimeter of the shape. I must set waypoints to force the orientation I want, so when I move the shape, the waypoint stays where it was, which means I must always adjust it separately. This makes a lot of extra work and sloppy connector routing.

I’m using VP desktop on Windows. Is there some way to get the green dots back? Have I accidentally triggered a different mode that disables the dots? Can I force them to display with a keystroke or setting?

I’ve tried using the magnet and sweeper, but those tools are too broad for the kind of changes I’m trying to make.

Thank you for your inquiry and I’m sorry about the problem you experienced. I’ve forwarded the details for our engineers to follow up. Please be patient and I’ll keep you posted with any updates. Wish you have a good day!

It seems as if this bug is triggered by trying to re-attach an existing connector.
So long as I am drawing NEW connectors, I can use the green dots, and everything snaps together perfectly. But if I grab the endpoint of an existing connector that is already attached to a shape and try to snap it to another shape (or a different spot on the same shape), I am not offered the green dots. After I have done this just once, I will no longer be shown green dots anywhere in my diagram, on any shape.

Since it seems like I can reproduce this on-command, let me know if I can turn on logging or something similar to help solve this issue. It is slowing down my work substantially.

I had assumed this was a case of user error but it seems more like it should be moved to Bugs…