Presentation of stereotypes with icons only

Is it possible to present a stereotype through an icon only within a class in a class diagram instead of presenting both icon and stereotype name?

I want to do something like this:

Hi Claudenirmf,

You can reference the “Presenting a shape as stereotype icon” section in this link on how to display stereotype as an icon only.

Applying stereotype to model element

But if you want to display the Class as a regular class shape and the stereotype displays as an icon only within it, we are sorry that currently we haven’t provided such a presentation option.

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I would also appreciate such a feature. I just spent considerable time walking through all the different fields to try to get the icon associated with a stereotype to show up in a diagram, without luck.

I would also appreciate having this feature. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Swimszoots,

Thank you for your inquiry. By right clicking on a class and selecting Presentation Options > Stereotype Icon, the class will be rendered as the icon image set to the stereotype. Is this the result you look for?

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Jick Yeung

I guess they are interested in the example I have originally presented in the first message of this thread.

Currently, we only support the following presentations:


I will forward this post to our team for further studies, to see if we can support omitting the name of stereotype in presenting a class (or any other type of elements)