Press "ctl+s" save project,vp create too many name like *.vpp.bak files

Hi all
press “ctl+s” save project,vp create too many name like *.vpp.bak files.
It happend like that you save the project which name is exists.
Did it have some method to turn off “create too many. *.vpp.bak”?
My vp is community version 16.

Hi charmingcow
I dont know about the community edition but a backup file is created for you each time you do a project save which is a good thing . Usually these arent visible to you. I guess you end up with a lot because you are saving a lot of times and are not using a Teamserver. I think you will need to manually clear down ones you dont need . I only notice these if I save the project to my desktop rather than into the default vpproject folder.

If you want to automatically delete ones older than say a couple of days to keep things tidy and you are on windows check here: where there are some examples. You can schedule this and the same page says how. Just remember to use the /m MASK option or you will automatically delete your real project files older than a certain date and that would be more than annoying ;o)

Hi charmingcow,

Sorry that it cannot be turned off. These backup files helps you protect the project.
You can consider convert it into teamwork project, project files will be managed by teamwork and has better protection.