Prevalence of UML

Does anyone have a stat indicating how many or what percent of developers actually use UML? How about RUP? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Good point,

From where I sit (Business Analyst/Process Analyst) UML is great, we start using and training resources to use UML.

Commonly we use the use cases and the activity diagrams to smerk up the documents we produce (business requirement specs) we have not gone into the class and sequence diagrams at Business Analyst level but the “code” cutter are.

UML is not only for “code cutters” I think there is a misunderstanding that UML is only for “code cutters”. It is an excellent tool to assist in the process development and requirement documentation. UML is not only to map systems requirements but can also be used for business process mapping. After all a system has to service a business process not the otherway arround.

Keep in mind UML is a language and a language can have multiple dialects, treath it as a tool and fully use its flexibility and you will see it is very relevant.

Currently I am using it to map a global organisation, and so far very good reviews on the tools used (UML).