Printing Wall Charts

I’m currently evaluating VP-UML, and my group has a lot of interest in printing large wall charts. We have an HP DesignJet 500PS with a 42 inch roll of paper. Does anyone have tips for printing to such a device?

Here are a few problems I’ve had:

  1. When I select the printer in the page setup function, the margins change to something unusable, and I have to use the interactive margin tool to fix them. I suspect that this is a driver or Windows bug since I saw similar behavior in Magic Draw (but was unable to fix the margins in Magic Draw).
  2. I reverse engineered some existing code and got a nice diagram. I printed it to size E paper, and the text is readable, but very small. I tried doing a “Select All” and increasing the font size, but then the boxes didn’t change size with the text, so everything became unreadable as text disappeared under the boxes. Is there some other way to do this? I suppose it should be less of a problem if I handle the layout by hand for a new project.

Any tips for producing wall charts would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi user,

  1. Would you mind capturing some screenshots to show your problem? As I remember, we did receive a report some time ago regarding printing to paper in large size. But that issue was solved. I would like to know, in more detail, what your problem is.

  2. You can force the size of shapes to follow the size of their contents. To do this, right-click on the diagram and select Auto Fit Shape Size from the popup menu.

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Here are some screenshots:

  1. When I first click File|Print and then Page Setup, this is what I see. The page size and margins are preserved from the previous print, but the printer selection and paper size are not (they are back to the defaults).
  2. When I switch the printer and set the paper size (By clicking Printer… in Page Setup), the changes are automatically made to the Page Setup window.
  3. After I click OK, everything resizes to be much smaller, as you can see in the upper right corner. I go back to Page Setup, and the margins are strange (as shown).

Hi user,

Thank you for the steps and screenshots. I will pass this case on to our engineers for further checking.

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Hi all,
are there any solutions for this problem? We have also the HP DesignJet 500PS 42 and it does not work pretty good. Is there any instruction how to setup this printer?


Hi user,

Sorry for not replying you earlier. We can reproducing the problems. Regarding the problem of not preserving printer settings, it is caused by the default printer setting. If you set your default printer to be HP DesignJet 500PS 42, the settings would be preserved. I have notified our engineers about this to see if anything we can do regarding this issue.

I also notified our engineers about the problem of strange margins. Once there is a feedback from them, I will post again.

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