Problem Designing Use Case Diagram

Hi all,
I need to draw a use case diagram for a rent car system.
In the system, Customer is a user who do not using the system. Then is the customer is an Actor?
plz help me on this

Well bit confusing :slight_smile: “Customer is a user who do not using the system” so by default it would not be a user.

Anyway, you can identify them as an actor, reason being that they will use the systems results eg. get a car, get a receipt etc.

Actors like that are called: Off stage Actors they have an interest in the behaviour but the interest is not primary or supporting.

Hope this helps.

Stereotypes can be applied to which UML elements?

In VP pretty much every UML element I believe no real UML limitation that I am aware of.

The idea of a stereotype is that you use it to create a “new” UML element and to indicate that the element is used in a different way than that it was originally intended you add a stereo type.

You can use it also to add clarification to elements like Actors. I use stereotype (also known as keyword) <> a lot to differentiate between human actors and system actors


Draw a use case diagram for rent a car system

Now why would I do that? and how would I do that, there is not enough info to do so.