Problem in installation on Ubuntu 9.10

I download the version of 143.5 MiB, but when installing I get a sale with blank content, if you can send them a screenshot with the problem.
thanks for your attention

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Thanks for your post. Please refer to the solutions at the following link and see if your problem can be solved?

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For VP Suite 4.1 and below, I had a few workarounds to get the software working in Linux. Using Ubuntu 9.10 as an example I would have done the following:

Install the Latest Java Runtime Environment Package
In Ubuntu, the package name is sun-java6-jre.

sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre

Install Sun’s Java runtime environment (JDK if you want). I can’t remember if Ubuntu already comes shipped with OpenJDK[/url] (I think [url=]Fedora did but the point is to install a recent Java VM) but I think OpenJDK works too.

Install VP Suite 4.1 with Temporary Workaround
I’ve been creating my own bash script to run the install with the AWT_Toolkit workaround:

export AWT_Toolkit=MToolkit
/bin/sh ./

Then I would run the above script as root (sudo) and complete installation.

Replace VP Suite’s Java Binary
By default in Ubuntu, VP Suite’s Java binary is located at /usr/local/VP_Suite4.1/jre/bin/java. Delete it and create a symbolic link to the Ubuntu system’s Java binary, which is typically located at /usr/bin/java.

cd /usr/local/VPSuite4.1/jre/bin
sudo rm java
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/java java

With that workaround, you should be able to run VP software just fine since the issue with blank windows was an issue with Sun’s Java binary, which is bundled with VP software. Unfortunately, versions 4.1 and below contained an older version of the Java binary, which required this workaround. Sun fixed the issue a long time ago but VP Suite was still being bundled with an older binary.

However, versions 4.2 and above are bundled with a later version of the Java binary and none of the above workaround steps are needed now but if you must insist on using older versions, you will need to use the above workarounds.

this working!!! : ) tanks , tanks.

best solution

sudo apt-get install ia32-sun-java6-bin that’s what got me working.