Problem opening perspective in eclipse


I’ve installed Visual Paradigm for eclipse (using the noinstall method) and unjar’d it in the eclipse directory. When I try to open the perspective it gives me the following message:

Problems opening perspective

And when I try to right-click a project to open a UML diagram it gives me the error message:

“The chosen operation is not currently available”

Does someone know what’s causing this problem?

Thanks in advance

Hi Asshish,

I’ve installed SDE for eclipse (using the noinstall method) Modeler Edition and unzip it in the eclipse 2.1.2 directory. And I can’t get the message which about the problems on opening perspective.

Which version of Eclipse are you using?


Hi Mercus,

I’m using eclipse version 2.1.0, using the the noinstall method community edition.


I’ve the same problem,
using eclipse 2.1.2 noinstall community edition…

I just installed the Community edition and have the exact same problem. Anyone?

I have the same problem… it could be a problem with the plugin-descriptor. In the plugin.xml this can bee seen:

However, the class
doesn’t exist. I suppose they meant
"" which can be found in the vpsdeec.jar file.

This seems like too obious an error to be believable - I’m hoping I just couldn’t find the plugin class or misunderstood the way plugin.xml works. I don’t develop plugins myself so I could just have missed something here.

I’ve tried removing the “perspectives” sub-package from the class name (found 3 times in plugin.xml and 3 times in plugin-platform.xml) so the plugin targets an actual, existing class, but the perspective still won’t open.