Problem trying to import a DDL file in order to create an ERD

I have downloaded a trial of the Enterprise version of Visual-Paradigm. We are interested in creating ERD documents. I have followed the instructions on this web page in order to accomplish that:
I see the file in my folder but when I go to the TOOLS menu and select DB and then select REVERSE DDL it appears that it executes but I see no ERD document. No errors are generated so I’m not sure what the problem is. Any suggestions/direction would be appreciated. Thanks. The DDL file has 18 tables in it and that is what I’m trying to create an ERD of.

Hi Melinda,

Is there any message in the bottom right?

Can you try with a smaller DDL (e.g. 1 table)?
Would you mind share your DDL to us?

I figured out the problem. I had created a DDL from PostgreSQL database and it contained the pg_catalog which had a function:
create function pg_catalog.cursor_to_xml(count integer, cursor refcursor, nulls boolean, tableforest boolean, targetns text) returns xml
language internal
as $$
– missing source code

VP said that it encountered NULLS in this function and it would not created the ERD. The problem appeared to be that I DID NOT include the pg_catalog in the VPP settings.