Problem with messages in sequence diagrams

I’ve just got VP for UML having abandoned Rational Rose, mainly due to the lack of 2.0 support. However, I’m having a problem recreating one thing that I do regularly in Rose.

I can’t figure out how to display the parameter names for a call message in sequence diagrams. I can get the call itself to be displayed over the message line, for example:

1: exampleCall()

But what I am looking for is:

1: exampleCall(parameter1, parameter2)

Is this possible?
Thanks for any help.

Dear m.dale,

Thank you for your post.

Is this possible?

Yes, it is possible. To show the parameter names, right-click on the sequence diagram and check Presentation Options | Show Messages Operation Signature from popup menu. I attached a picture to show you the menu item.

Best Regards,

Thanks very much, that’s perfect.

You are welcome ! :smiley:

This solved my problem too, thanks again :slight_smile: