Problem with watermark in Community Edition


I’ve just installed the Visual Paradigm Community Edition and entered the licence key sent by e-mail. It happens that when I print the diagram or when I copy and past it in Word it shows an watermark. I’m aware that the watermark should appear if there are more than one diagram of the same kind but that’s not the case. I only have one class diagram in my project and the watermark keeps appearing. What can I do to solve that?

Thank you very much.


Hello Nei,

If there are more than one diagram of the same kind, pattern watermark will appear on the images. Otherwise, single-lined watermark will appear.

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The single-lined watermark can’t be removed in the Community Edition? Can it be removed in other editions?

Thank you.

Hello neisan,

Watermark will not appear in Modeler or above edition, for the supported features.

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