Problems creating the plugin

Hi, everyone!

Please help me solve the problem.

I am just learning how to create plugins. I take as a sample plugins from here: Visual Paradigm Plug-in Sample

They are successfully run. However, after I open them in Eclipse, the plugins stop running. And they continue to run successfully in debug mode (I do as written here: Debug your plugins with Eclipse - Visual Paradigm Know-how)

I seem to have something wrong with Eclipse?

I working in Windows 10 x64. And i use this Eclipse x64: Version: 2021-03 (4.19.0) Build id: 20210312-0638. And Visual Paradigm x64 16.3 (20210517).

Thanks in advance for your help!

Well, I ask the questions and I answer them myself :slight_smile:

I have the portable version of Visual Paradigm installed. It includes JRE java.runtime.version 11.0.10+9.

Respectively, in order to make plugins work after compilation in Eclipse, we need to have Java 11 compatibility enabled in Eclipse: Window → Preferences → Java → Compiler → Compiler compliance level: 11