Problems importing XML in BP Modeler

I do not get a visualization when importing an XML file (which was just exported from VP BPM), whether a blank project is open or not. In both cases, objects go into the Diagram Navigator tree, but the image in the visualization panel remains blank.

Is it possible to get this fixed? Without it I can really only integrate with an external tool partially because communication between only goes one way (from VP out).


Attached are the initial export to xml (project_1) and the export after importing to a New Project.

Hope this helps. I noticed there is an extra Diagram tab with the default ‘Process’ name, as well as an extra png diagram created and referred to.

I’ve also noticed that the id’s changed for the DataType entries. It seems like this is a bug since no other objects change id’s in the process.


Hello errant01,

Sorry but we do not understand what did you mean by “visualization” and “visualization panel”. Did you mean that no diagram is opened after importing the XML? It is normal as it carries only the project data, not the state of diagrams. In order to open diagram, you need to open it yourself by clicking on the diagram nodes under the Diagram Navigator.

Best regards,