Problems updating VP-UML Model from eclipse

Hi guys,

I’m evaluating the VP-UML Professional edition, and having some troubles.

I’ve performed the Eclipse integration, and I’m trying to genereate the UML model of an existing project. So, I’ve opened my project in Eclipse, and clicked into the “Update VP-UML model” button. It does generate the model, but it doesn’t show the getters and setters of private attributes from my classes.

Is that the expected behaviour? There is some workaround for this?

I’m using Eclipse 3.3.0 and VP-UML 6.2 (build sp1_20080311).


Hi Alexandre,

I’ve tried the steps you mentioned, really the setter and getter are not shown. However, you can check the attribute specification in the generated class to see if the boxes of setter and getter are checked (please refer to the attached image).
If the boxes are checked, that means the setter and getter are already generated in the model, but it will not really show in the class model.

If there are any inquiries , please feel free to ask.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong


Hi Lilian,

thanks for your response. As you said, the getter and setter boxes are checked in the Attribute Specification of generated class.

That means I can’t show them in class diagrams?

Best regards,