Problems with Reverse Engineering C++


I am currently evaluating Visual Paradigm as a potential solution for building a model of a reasonably large and complex existing system built in Microsoft Visual C++.

As a first step, I had hoped to reverse engineer a model from the source code. However, I’m not having much luck. I tried working with just a basic subset of the code to start with, but got all kinds of errors. I think that VP was having troubles dealing with some of the macros that are defined in the code, so I went even more basic; I got Visual C++ to generate a pre-processed “.i” file based on one of the source files. Unfortunately, VP still couldn’t handle this. I got the following error:

Reason :
Error in parsing source file.
D:\Work\test\sample.cpp\sample.cpp:11881: Warning: no matching class member found for
com::sample::Id(UID::longlong nId)
Possible candidates:
com::sample::Id(const UID &)
com::sample::Id(const Id &)
com::sample::Id(UID::FactoryId Factory, UID::InstanceId Instance)
com::sample::Id(UID::longlong nId)

I really don’t understand what the problem is here - there is an exact match in the ‘Possible candidates’ list, so why is it having problems?

Also, is there any way to tell VP to ignore any warnings that occur during Reverse Engineering, so that it still creates a model, even if it has a few problems? On one of the reverse engineering attempts that I made, it took over 3 hours to process, and then didn’t give me any model at all!


Hi michaels,

Thank you for your post and sorry for any inconveniences the reverse engineering may cause you. Would you mind sending me the files that can repeat your problem? You can send to my email address at:

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I found the same problem whnen pointing to a .cpp file. However if I point it to the header file, it works perfectly.

Is it possible to create class diagrams, including associations for more than one class at a time. Or do you have to reverse engineer each class seperatly then manualy perform the associations?

Hi wirelessjava2002,

Could you send me your .cpp files for checking this problem? You can send to my email address:

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