Process map / CJM - suggestions for new features

Suggestions for new features:

  • For client steps /or phases on the process map (in columns) it should be possible to decompose on min 2 levels of detail (something like activity and action in UML)
  • Clickability of process maps / CJ maps after export to html (e.g. links, attributes), instead of a png image
  • History of changes in the Customer Journey diagram / Process map
  • Possibility to revert to an earlier version
  • Colouring of individual cells could be independent
  • Grouping of columns and rows (for possible customization of the diagram)
  • After hiding rows it would be nice if there was an icon (e.g. analogous to layers) that something is hidden in this place
  • Merging cells on the map
  • Different indentation levels of bullet points in a cell

best regards,

Hello Pawel,

It’s been a while since we last met here. How are you? Thank you for your suggestions and I will pass it to our development team for further feasibility studies.

Best regards,
Jick Yenug