Process map - problems with adding files (desktop) and exporting image (website)

I report two problems we have experienced when working on the process map:

  1. Adding files - clicking did not trigger any action from the program. The situation changed after adding the file cabinet in the project. Thenc, a file explorer window appeared with a possibility of choosing a file.

  2. Exporting process map to picture from browser resulted in a white square on a black background :slight_smile: - as in the image.

best regards,

Hi Pawel,

Thank you for your post.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to repeat the two problems. I am including a video to show you the steps we took to repeat the first problem.

If my steps are correct, could you give me your log file to take a look? You can upload to the folder below:
Password: 97qTgMzt7jcHYrc4

You can export the log file from the About window (Help > About). Only Visual Paradigm staff can access to the folder and your uploaded file(s).

About the second problem, we tried exporting either a process map or a customer journey map with web browsers, but we can see the content without problem. I hope we can get more ideas by reading your log file…

Best regards,
Jick Yeung