Process validation rules

This is my first post in the forum, sorry if my question have an obvious answer because I have little experience with Visual Paradigm.the product.

I am evaluating the BP-VA to map the business process in order to have a foundation for Business Continuity Management.

Does anybody knows if I can to add properties to processes -RTO, RPO, etc- and also validate the cosistency of the chain of processes. I mean if I can code “if fieldxx of process A is > than fieldxx of process B show a message”. Kind of macro or VBA or something alike.

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Hi Hector,

Thanks for your post. For you are a new user to BP-VA, I would like to give some information of it. BP-VA is useful for visualizing, understanding, analyzing, improving and documenting the business processes document flow and information in an organization. It covers several types of business process diagrams: Business Process Diagram (BPD), Data Flow Diargam, Event-driven Process Chain Diagram (EPC Diagram), Process Map Diagram, Organization Chart.

But I regret to tell you that we do not support validation of consistence of process chain, but you can develop plugin to do so. For more detail about plugin, please visit:

For adding properties to the processes, maybe you can assign stereotype and tagged values to the models. Stereotype and tagged values are for adding extra information to the models, and its flexibility will help you to insert the details of model easily. For more details of customize stereotype and tagged values can be found from the following link:

Hope these are helpful. If there is any further inquiry, please feel free to ask.

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Lilian Wong