Profile, stereotype and taggued values : removing stereotype keep taggued values in element

I created a profile with stereotypes for class element. In a stereotype, I defined four taggued values definitions.
Then, I add a reference on my profile (File / manage referenced project), so I can select and apply a stereotype on my project classes.
After applying stereotype, my class has four taggued values and I can assign values to some of them

If I remove stereotype from my class, taggued values with value are conserved in my class and become User-Defined (in column Stereotype in specification interface is written User-Defined instead <>). Taggued values with no values are removed.

And If I select and apply again same stereotype, four new taggued values are created. So several taggued values with same name (but with different values in stereotype column).

Is it a bug ??
If a stereotype is removed, all related taggued values must be removed too !?