Project Copy did not Work?

hi, i create a simple Project with Version 9.0 ( Standard Edition , Evaluation Copy for 30 Days !)
on PC 1 i create a project ( some UC and reimport of a Powerdesigner 1.5 Model ) and copy the hole Project Folder to a PC 2 than try to open the Project there and lost nearly all Names , Descriptions of Actors , Use Cases and also some of the ERD Objekts ( imported from Powerdesigner !)

a) i could not belive this is a Standard Feature , hope you could help me to solve this problem.
because with this behavior i could not buy it .

b) Reimport of a Powerdesigner PDM ( physical Model ) doesn´t work , ( LDM and CDM works well ).
The Import Process tell me all was done but than the Model inkl. all Tables are missing.

So please are there such known Bugs in 9.0 or ist this a Problem of Evaluation ? And how could i solve this.

thnx br thomas

Hello Thomas,

So you mean the project cannot be opened after you copy it (as file) from one PC to anther? Would you mind send me both original and copied projects to have a look? You can send them to (with the URL of this forum post in your content). Thanks!

Best regards,
Rain Wong