PROJECT PUBLISHER - Suppressing Unwanted Items and Ordering Diagram Lists

Can’t find any way to select or omit drawings from the Project Publisher Menu. For example, I only want to see the Activity Diagrams and Glossary Grid in the menu, but I’m seeing a bunch of other drawing types (Business Process, Component, Requirement etc) which do exist within the project, but I don’t want them included in the html.

How do I selectively exclude either individual drawings or drawing types?

Secondly, when I do click on the Activity Diagrams menu option (in the html) I get a list of drawings as expected.

What isn’t expected is that they are NOT in alphabet order. As best as I can judge, they appear to be in the order they were created, which is not helpful. How do I force them to appear in alpha?

Via Logical View, you can select what are included.

You can select it in Project Publisher > Advance Options

I’ve downloaded the new patch and followed your instructions above.

I’ve updated the anonymised version in the folder I’ve already shared with you.

Please read the notes.txt I’ve also updated.

In short, nothing worked.

I am reading the notes.txt, seems it is not talking about the above features (Select diagrams via Logical View, or Order in alphabetical)

Let us try to point out what you requests in notes.txt, please wait…

By the way, the above features are not new feature, it is not necessary to update to patch.

By the way, the above features are not new feature, it is not necessary to update to patch.

I know that. I merely happened to be tackling those issues at the same time you issued the new patch.


Element Ordering
We should sort them in case-insensitive.
And better to sort the ‘unnamed’ elements to the end.

It is because some other diagrams are referenced by your selected diagrams.
I think we should provide option to determine include/not-include the referenced diagram/elements…

Fixed. Latest patch: 20180315bn is ready.

A new option is supported.

Element Ordering

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We’re looking good. The glossary links in popups are working. I have minor quibbles about that, which I’ll address later. The basic functionality is now there and its a vast improvement. Well done.

The exclusion filter is also working. I’m now only seeing the diagrams I’ve selected.

But the diagram list is still not in alpha. And I don’t understand what you’re illustrating with the final image in your post above. I get the bit about Case control and a sorting hierarchy, but my diagram list is still in “random” order. The first letters of the first half dozen (all upper case) read C, D, C, C, P, C, for example.

Do I need to reselect them to get the ordering correct?

On further examination, I was wrong about the glossary links.
The ones I tested were all my own hotspot links - which had stopped working because you switched to using a giant single file glossary and you’ve now reverted to individual files. That’s good. It means my hotspots are working again.

But your own links are only partially and inconsistently working. I’ll have to update the anon version to illustrate the point and I may not have a chance to do that for a couple of days. I’ll let you know when I have.

Sorry, You are asking for ordering of diagrams. But I got wrong, and we fixed the ordering of elements.
We didn’t support option on how to sort the diagrams. But I think your request is correct, so, we should fix it:

  1. group the diagrams in types, then
  2. sort those diagrams in alpha

Please wait for our fixing…

Latest patch: 20180330ab is ready.

Diagram Ordering
Now, diagram list shows the diagrams in alpha.

Excellent Peter. That works a treat. Thanks.

However, I have now had time to analyse and describe some other issues with the revised html generator, which I’ve saved in the shared VPANON folder
Please read “html issues.txt”

We can’t see the file html issues.txt in the share folder, and may you send us again?

I’ve just verified that it’s there.
Your sync may not be “syncing”. Make sure it’s running and check the icon is in your systray, and no firewall is blocking it.

As a quick test of whether or not you’re syncing, what is the size and datestamp of the Codelanon.vpp file?
It should be 2,126,848 bytes and datestamped 20/03/2018 14:36:02. If you still see the older file, you are not syncing.

If the icon is not there, you’ll need to restart sync. If it is, right click on the icon and use the option “Go to web panel” and you’ll be able to access the shared files that way.

If you still don’t see it, I’ll raise the issue with Sync.

Hi, we got your html issues.txt,
I am trying to handle the last request first:

How do I get back to being able to use my hotspots exactly as they were?
What I hope you can say is that if I choose one of the other options (for the “Click on highlighted term”) then the html code generated should be identical to what it was before you started the new version.

Since I am not sure your hotspots is developed in which option.
But I can try to explain what are the differences between the 3 options again.

In fact, as I know, we didn’t make a big differences on the generated HTML files.
I think you can tune your code to make your hotpots works again easily.

Please wait me around 20mins

First, you know we added more <area> into the image map, to support making the terms to be click-able in the image.
We just added new <area> for the terms. No changes on other html elements.
So, I think you can modify your customized content to fit those new <area>s easily.
You can remove all those new <area>s, so that, you can add your own hotspots as before.

Show you what are ‘new’ <area>

Second, let me describe what are the differences between old/new version (BEFORE or AFTER this fixing)

Option A
old: “Jump to glossary grid from highlighted glossary term - ON”
new: “Open glossary grid”

  • The generated <a> will open the Glossary Grid page (and javascript to highlight the row of the term).
  • No difference in old/new version.

Option B
old: “Jump to glossary grid from highlighted glossary term - OFF”
new: “Open term details page”

  • The generated <a> will open the Term page.
  • No difference in old/new version.

Option C
old: N/A
new: “Popup term details page”

  • The generated <a> will popup a window to open the Term page.

Since old/new version have no difference (in same option). I think these options won’t make your customized content not working. Right?

and, show you the <area> in those 3 options:

Hope it can help you

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The following 6 problems are checked:
problem 1, Fixed. (Patch: 20180330bh is ready)
problem 2, please fix by yourself.

problem 3, ignored.
problem 4, 5, checking, please wait…

problem 6, implementing…

1. Alias not work

  • Fixed.

2. Some terms (e.g. Ship) not work

  • It is because the term name ends with space. "Ship "
  • Please remove the space
    FYI: the following 2 alias have same problem:
    Social > "School "
    T-Cash > "T-Ship "

I think you may check which Term/Alias has problem by select-all in Glossary Grid html page:

3. Project Anonymous
makes “Has” & “Url” both becomes “Pol”
“Music” also

  • Sorry, ignore this problem.

4. dark-blue (purple) shapes’ terms not work

  • cannot repeat. (May be same as problem 5)

5. all decision-node’s terms not work

  • I can repeat problem on ‘some’ decision nodes.
  • on my testing:
    i. publish 1st time, the “Tayget” and “Pur” of last 2 decision nodes not works
    ii. publish 2nd time, all terms works.
  • So, seems there is a bug on collecting the bounds of terms. And it happens randomly.
  • Checking…

6. Customized popup
We have a solution:
Now, we generate the following on a hyperlink:

<a class="PopupWindowItemLink" name="" onclick="'Glossary_qEFiskaD_AACAQws.html', '_blank', 'width=700,height=450')">Term</a>

where, the onclick= calls directly.

We generate onclick=popupTerm('Glossary_qEFiskaD_AACAQes.html')
We will implement the popupTerm(...) to call as now. (implement in link_popup.js)
So then, you can overwrite the popupTerm(...) to popup your window as you need.
Please wait…

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Sorry, this was supported in latest patch (I forgot to update you…).
You can find now, the onclick=… is calling a popupTerm(…) function.
You can override this function to show your hotspot now.

Continuing the discussion from PROJECT PUBLISHER - Suppressing Unwanted Items and Ordering Diagram Lists:

Thanks Peter, though I’m not clear on what I need to do to override the function. Are you suggesting a particular choice in the Advanced Project Publisher options or do you mean a direct hack on the html?

The function is implemented in {your output folder}/content/link_popup.js
As screenshot:

Sorry, I am not familiar on javascript. I am not sure that, is it possible to provide another .js file to override a function. If it is impossible, I think you can re-implement this function after you generate those html files.

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