Properties Management

Hi All,

I would like to know if there are any possibilities to define which properties I’m using from a dataset in an Input/Output Set or do I need to specify specifc data object for each and any Input/Output set?

Or how can I reuse properties defined in the dataobjects as properties of an activity (task or subprocess)y?

Hi imkal0,

Sorry but we do not quite understand your questions. You cannot define multiple properties for a Data Object, and you can define multiple Data Object for an Input Set. Yet, you can’t select which property you are using. May I know why you need this? The properties are more related to the Data Object rather than the Input.

You cannot reuse the properties as they depends on the Data Object that own them. Yet, you can reuse Data Object in input sets.

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Hi Jick,

Processes proceeds with input and produces output, nothing new there.
Now you define those in/output at dataobject level but the data manipulated as input can be just some properties of the dataobject as well as the output can only be other properties of the same or another dataobject. How can I identify those properties without having to redefine them.

For example, let’s say I have an activity which is “record credit card number”. This activity takes the Client data set as input but only uses the Customer ID to identify the customer and will only update the Credit card number as output.

I don’t want to redefine those two properties in the activity self nor in the relations of that activity as I want to have a central reference which is in my opinion the dataset.