Provided interface becomes required interface

I am using the community edition for evaluation purposes.

I am drawing a component diagram. I can add ports to a component.

Now I want to model that the port implements some interfaces (the component provides interfaces via the port).

  1. If I use the Association -> Interface button of the port, the tool draws inside the component a required interface (fork symbol) with a default component name.
  2. If I add an interface to the diagram (symbol provided interface) and associate it with a previously added port, the interface symbol turns into the symbol for the required interface.

How can I change the required to a provided interface?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Dear Roland,

Thank you for your enquiry regarding Required and Provided interface. I will forward your question to our developers and get back to you later on.

Best Regards,

Dear Roland,

Regarding your enquiry about creating provided interface from port, we now allow you to select which interface, either required interface or provided interface, to be created by dragging the desired one from resource icons of the source model.

Please perform product update to advance to the latest release that includes the fix.

If there are any questions or comment about the fix, please let us know.

Wish you have a nice weekend! :slight_smile: