Put conditions on an object


I want to put conditions on an object.

sMBRIntersect(Archive& other)

MBR m1, m2;
m1 = getMBR();
m2 = other.getMBR();

if (m1.high_[0] < m2.low_[0]) return FALSE;
if (m1.high_[1] < m2.low_[1]) return FALSE;
if (m1.low_[0] > m2.high_[0]) return FALSE;
if (m1.low_[1] > m2.high_[1]) return FALSE;

return TRUE;

now i used combined fragment tool for this… but i want that my all conditions must be hidden but i am fali to do it… can you please guide me

I’m not quite understand what you mean by putting conditions on an object. The combined fragment is specific for sequence diagram, which is used to model the conditions inside the interaction between objects. So, would you mind tell me more details on what you want to model?

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